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I troll the Internet looking for information on technology and the occasional giveaway to enter.  A few months ago I came upon a site called Noobie. Though I don’t consider myself ingenue when it comes to technology it is always nice to see information about new gadgets and tech in layman’s terms.

The writers at try to make the vast expanse of technology navigable by even the most inexperienced technophile-in-training.  From smartphones to the latest PC operating systems they’ve got content and even training to help out.  Based in Indianapolis, IN they even offer in home technology training for their surrounding area.  For those of us not so close they offer online and phone consultations with free 30 day email support after (no information as to how much they charge an hour or per call; you’ll have to call or email for that info).  They offer self-help CDs, email and downloadable content as well.

Their newsletter comes into my email and though I don’t read every issue (sorry) I find useful tidbits here and there.  Also, there are giveaway announcements in their email.  They’ve got a doozie going on right now. is giving away an iPad Mini.  So, first I’d encourage you to read their latest Love it Or Leave it and then enter their iPad mini contest ending 12/16/12.

Lucero entered the Noobie iPad Mini Giveaway for a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini.

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