Enter to Win a $500 K-Mart Gift Card from MomSational

Wendy Piersall, admin of Momsational and founder of SparkPlugging, was given a $500 shopping spree at K-Mart to use and one to give away.  Read below to find out what I would buy with $500 from K-Mart and find out how you can enter for a chance to win the $500 for yourself.

This is my wish list for $500 or less from K-Mart:


Babies need a brand new ride.  With a toddler and an infant on the way it would be really nice to have a way to tote them around together out in public.

Kmart Item # 024W954783110001
UPC Item #47406097838
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $139.99
We need to replace our old car seat because it was in a car accident.

Kmart Item # 024W896136110001
UPC Item #47406092925
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $79.99

Women’s Plus

I don’t have one winter coat that fits me properly anymore and with the new mommy body changes I’m less worried about getting my postpartum belly to fit in a coat – if you get my drift. 🙂

Kmart Item # 027W677792110001
UPC Item #727326009509
Overall Color: Java Fit: Plus size Size: 1X

In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

Reg Price: $74.99

Savings: 40 %
You Pay: $44.99


I’ve been thinking about how the heck I’m going to time contractions since I don’t have a clock in my house or even a watch.  I used to wear one all the time, but I haven’t had one in at least three years.

Kmart Item # 026W193753110001
UPC Item #48148271913
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

Reg Price: $44.99
Savings: $11.25
You Pay: $33.74

Hair Care & Appliances

I’ve always wanted a good flattening iron.  With naturally curly hair it is a pain to try and get sleek, non frizzy hair with just a hair dryer and a round brush.

Kmart Item # 038W698908110001
UPC Item #74108096517
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $99.99

Fragrance & Bath

For my loving and patient husband.

Kmart Item # 015W356324110001
UPC Item #718235311913
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $34.99


Why this is categorized under feeding I do not know.  This is more for the other end, don’t you think? 😀

Kmart Item # 9990000054096011
UPC Item #37000063919
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $10.99


Well, if I have to contain the messes I need a way to clean them up, too, that won’t irritate the baby. 🙂

Kmart Item # 9990000029937111
UPC Item #36000186505
In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

You Pay: $2.99


It feels weird not being able to wear my wedding ring or even my simple gold band anymore.    This would be a nice backup until I get my old hands back and then a nice accent ring when my hands do finally come back.

Kmart Item # 10200000341360S8
UPC Item #2900236824
Ring Size: Ladies, size 8

In StoresIn Stores OnlineOnline

Reg Price: $164.99
Savings: 70 %
You Pay: $49.49
My wish list total according to Kmart.com as of 12/14/08:  $497.16

Click here to see what Wendy Piersall bought.

There are two ways to enter to win a $500 Kmart Gift Card

1 – Go to Kmart.com and do a ‘virtual’ shopping spree. Tell Wendy what you would buy (with the Kmart Item numbers) that adds up to $500 or less. Make your wish list and leave it on a comment on her post.

2 – If you are on Twitter, simply copy and paste this tweet: “RT @eMom is giving away a $500 Kmart Gift Card on her blog – simply comment or tweet to enter : http://urlbrief.com/7dfb6c”

Each tweet or comment counts as one registration. One entry by blog post comment and one entry by tweet per contest participant.

Winner will be selected via a random number generator on December 17, 2008; deadline for entry is midnight December 16, 2008. Official Holiday Hoopla contest rules from IZEA.

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