#ThermaLabs 3-PC Natural Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Gloves Review

Thank to #ThermaLabs I rec’d this set of 3 #exfoliating gloves with a bonus finger size exfoliator free in exchange for my honest review. It came with a full guide explaining where the materials used in the gloves are from, their differing textures, when, how and who should use them and how to clean and care for the gloves.
I’d used loofah before because it is popular in Mexico. We used to buy it as the whole dried out squash and then take it home and cut it into pieces for the whole family to use. It was always interesting to see how it would go from something so hard and rough to an almost totally soft texture after a few months of regular use.
I’d never used sisal as an exfoliator before though. It mentions in the booklet that after using the sisal glove your skin may look red and start to peel which was normal. I used it on my feet and legs and wherever the skin was especially dry and thick it did indeed start to peel just like it said.
The jute glove was just the texture I needed to scrub my back. It seems my back is always broken out in little bumps. Using this glove and a glucano-lactone cream on my back has made my back feel much, much smoother than it has in quite a while. The little finger exfoliator was perfect for the face. I used it to scrub around the eyes, on the lips, in front of and behind the ears.

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Product Description

Thermalabs Natural Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Gloves are truly the best addition you can think of to your bath.

The Bamboo Fiber and Loofah, Jute and Sisal Mitts will help you exfoliate and scrub your skin the way YOU want it, each in it’s own natural and phenomenal way.

Each texture provides a whole different exfoliating experience and can provide the results YOU want for your skin, in order to keep it young and beautiful.
We also offer 1 FULL YEAR guarantee for these gloves. Yes. 1 FULL YEAR as we know that these are the best exfoliating gloves in the market today.

♥ Naturally Remove Dead Skin Cells
♥ Unclog Pores
♥ Stimulate The Circulation Of Your Blood
♥ Reduce The Growth Of Body Hair
♥ Make Your Skin Smoother And Healthier

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