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Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers |

Long ago, in a far away land, bacon was considered perfectly healthy. It was delicious! Perfectly portioned! Easy to work with! Cooks everywhere served it for breakfast, crumbled it over green beans, stirred it into mashed potatoes, and even wrapped it around other delicious foods and served it as an appetizer to friends. Bacon has gone “in” and “out” in the previous decade. Atkins hit and the people rejoiced. Finally! An excuse to eat bacon! …plus sausage, steak, and, gracious,  anything   but those icky carbs. Then fat fear arrived and people shrunk back. “Turkey bacon,” they said, decreeing that the fairly decent substitute would do. Then Paleo roared onto the scene. Bacon for all! Are you seeing a trend? It’s hard for me to ever deem bacon as being on the outside of the most-desired diet list and, thought it has maintained popularity, the degree of guilt with which it was consumed has varied greatly. Friends, I’m here to bring bacon back. Why did we ever stop rolling shrimp , scallops , potatoes , and figs in bacon? As the bacon cooks, it transforms from thin, wispy meat into a crisp, flavorful treat that imparts all that delicious fatty flavor into whatever it surrounds. Case in point: bacon-wrapped-scallops-gb-x   Bacon-Wrapped Scallops I wrote before that my favorite birthday meal at age nine was, in fact, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and yet I’ve never made it. That nonsense stops today, or at least this weekend, when I have time to break out the toothpicks and get rolling. What recipes do you want to learn about? Come back each Thursday as we revisit the classics in our recipe collection! 

Chunky Guacamole

One of my favorite condiments or dips is guacamole.  I like it’s creaminess and earthiness.  Spiced just right it goes wonderfully with tacos, tostadas or just plain tortilla chips.  Sometimes though I’m more in the mood for something chunky not…

Pico de Gallo

This is one quick and easy to make chunky salsa that goes well with beef, chicken, fish or pork – or even on it’s own.  There have been many a summer evening where my hubby and I have made dinner…