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Skip Thawing Veggies in Pasta & Rice Dishes

When you’re cooking a pasta recipe that calls for frozen peas, there’s no need to cook the peas before adding them to the pasta. Many frozen vegetables and fruits, like peas, don’t need to be thawed before they can be used in recipes. The same goes for berries, corn, bell pepper strips, broccoli, florets, and cauliflower florets. These can be thrown right into hot woks, skillets, and pots. frozen mixed veggies Try this Kitchen Shortcut with Creamy Shrimp and Pea Pasta .

MyRecipes.com Cake of the Week: Beeramisu

Tiramisu might not technically be considered “cake”, but ladyfingers are made of spongecake, so I’m going to count it. If you haven’t tasted tiramisu, you’ve probably at least heard of it. It’s a popular coffee flavored Italian dessert that’s made of layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder. It’s believed tiramisu originated between 1967 and 1969 in Treviso, Italy, but there is some debate about who actually created it first. I’m just glad someone came up with it! Countless variations of tiramisu exist in the world of recipes, cookbooks, magazines and food blogs, but today I want to share a recipe that you possibly haven’t seen before. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Beeramisu . beeramisu-su-1886179-x As you might expect, this tiramisu is extremely close to the original. It has the ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder, but this recipe calls for dipping the ladyfingers in a stout beer and mixing some Kahlua with the mascarpone cheese. Are you a fan of Beeramisu yet? Beeramisu definitely sounds more manly than tiramisu, at least to me. I think this spin-off on a classic Italian dessert would not only be a fun choice for any occasion, it would also be excellent for tailgating or a game-viewing get-together with friends and family. I typically think of bringing quick, easy and easily-transportable desserts and snacks to tailgates, and tiramisu is just that. You can buy ladyfingers at most grocery stores, so there isn’t any baking involved. Just layer it up in a loaf cake pan, pop it in the freezer, and whenever you’re ready to go, so is your fancy Italian dessert. Here are a few more variations of tiramisu: Tiramisu Layer Cake Tiramisù Layer Cake Recipe Tiramisu Tiramisu Recipe Brownie Tiramisu Brownie Tiramisù Recipe

Bottled Minced Garlic

Most cooks will agree that freshly minced garlic has the best flavor. However, there are occasions when the convenience of bottled minced garlic is a good choice for recipes, especially those recipes that don’t require any other slicing, mincing, or chopping. Bottled minced garlic has a stronger flavor than freshly minced. One teaspoon of bottled minced garlic is equivalent to two garlic cloves. Most bottled minced garlic is shelf stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. But once you open the bottle, keep it stored in the refrigerator and check the “use by” date before adding it to a recipe. bottledmincedgarlicKS Try this Kitchen Shortcut with Chicken Strips with Blue Cheese Dressing .

Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers | MyRecipes.com

Long ago, in a far away land, bacon was considered perfectly healthy. It was delicious! Perfectly portioned! Easy to work with! Cooks everywhere served it for breakfast, crumbled it over green beans, stirred it into mashed potatoes, and even wrapped it around other delicious foods and served it as an appetizer to friends. Bacon has gone “in” and “out” in the previous decade. Atkins hit and the people rejoiced. Finally! An excuse to eat bacon! …plus sausage, steak, and, gracious,  anything   but those icky carbs. Then fat fear arrived and people shrunk back. “Turkey bacon,” they said, decreeing that the fairly decent substitute would do. Then Paleo roared onto the scene. Bacon for all! Are you seeing a trend? It’s hard for me to ever deem bacon as being on the outside of the most-desired diet list and, thought it has maintained popularity, the degree of guilt with which it was consumed has varied greatly. Friends, I’m here to bring bacon back. Why did we ever stop rolling shrimp , scallops , potatoes , and figs in bacon? As the bacon cooks, it transforms from thin, wispy meat into a crisp, flavorful treat that imparts all that delicious fatty flavor into whatever it surrounds. Case in point: bacon-wrapped-scallops-gb-x   Bacon-Wrapped Scallops I wrote before that my favorite birthday meal at age nine was, in fact, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and yet I’ve never made it. That nonsense stops today, or at least this weekend, when I have time to break out the toothpicks and get rolling. What recipes do you want to learn about? Come back each Thursday as we revisit the classics in our recipe collection! 

Health.com: 26 ways to cook zucchini from sweet to savory to spicy

Zucchini may be at the back of the alphabet, but it’s at the front of our minds when it comes to summer vegetables. Here are 26 ways to cook zucchini (including two zucchini bread recipes!) in dishes that range from sweet to savory to spicy. how-to-cook-zucchini Credit: Getty Images 1 of 28 Zucchini bread and more By Ella Quittner Zucchini may be at the back of the alphabet, but it’s at the front of our minds when it comes to summer vegetables. This miracle squash is so easy to grow, you can easily end up with a bumper crop. But don’t let it go to waste—it has lots of vitamin A, few calories, and it’s simple to cook. Here are 26 ways to cook zucchini (including two zucchini bread recipes!) in dishes that range from sweet to savory to spicy. Next: Zucchini Bread » View All FREE Healthy Living Email Newsletter