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The Right Way to Disclose Sponsored Content

On any social media platform, please ensure your disclosure statement precedes any hyperlink or link. The FTC requires that the relationship between you and the brand or program sponsor, occur before a reader is redirected to another site or page. Therefore, you must disclose before any links. The disclosure statement must appear within the content; the disclosure itself cannot be a link to another page or site. You have the following options for blog posts: Include disclosure statement at the beginning of your post. Weave disclosure into the opening sentences of your post. When posting campaign-related content to Facebook and Twitter, please use “sponsored” and make sure it appears before any link. The abbreviated version “spon” falls short of the FTC’s revised standard. The other FTC option “ad” doesn’t accurately represent the context of our campaigns. The complete FTC policy can be seen here . The FTC’s example #17 (on page 46) and example #21 (on page 51) help provide context and best illustrate what not to do. As clarification comes with real examples, we’ll keep you updated on any future changes for our campaigns.   Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions.