The first fall snow and still in the garden :-)


Incredibly, it snowed today. It was just a light

dusting, but just enough to remind you that winter is just around the corner. It has been

so unseasonably warm in NW Ohio that I’ve waffled so much, maybe too much about getting my

pots inside and mulching my flowerbeds. It’s just cold enough to make you not want to go

outside. Those westerly go right through you like little daggers. It is amazing that

just one week ago it was warm and sunny and my baby girl and I were outside without

jackets. I just pray for one more nice day so I can get my work done outside. Otherwise,

I’ll be like a prairie dog running out and back in so I don’t get too cold. Plus, my

little one loves to come outside with me and it’s too cold to have her out too long.

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