January Heat Wave in Zone 5a


The new year is here and things are strange. Strange,

you ask? Here in zone 5a in early January we typically have a few inches of snow on the

ground, chilling winds and salt trucks around every corner. Save the storm we got right at

the beginning of the year we haven’t had any this week and warmer than normal temps. And

by warmer I mean 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. We are used to temps between the

teens and 30s but this week we have had four days with highs in the 60s and rain every day.

WOW! I’m not complaining. The only bad part for my little girl and I is that we didn’t

get to enjoy one of them. We were trapped in the house with nasty colds with all the

fever, coughing, and hacking that goes with them. Poor little thing sounded like she had

the croup at first, but some steam therapy and TLC from mommy brought that back under


This time indoors has given me opportunity to make some newspaper seed

starting pots to put in my winter sowing greenhouses (milk jugs :-)). I have 11 cut and 5

of them filled with 20 little pots each. There are 2 more drying out and I’d say 8 more

in the shed waiting for some attention. I’ll post pics as soon as they are ready to go


Classy Groundcovers

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