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Thank you for joining me on this journey of the Earth. Ever since I was a teenager I have enjoyed gardening. My sophomore year in high school I was home schooled and one project was to take care of a 1/2 acre vegetable garden without the use of mechanized tools. Well, my dad did till the ground, but I had to break up the big pieces of clay and amend the soil and sow the seeds with a hoe, rake and trowel.

That project did more than just provide a harvest it helped me lose 25 pounds and gain a heap of confidence. It was great when returning to school the following year I remember the guys jaws dropping and my classmates barely recognized me – tanned and toned. Now 12 years later and finally with a property I can call my own my little girl and I will be undertaking the project of beautifying our little plot. I have more like 60 pounds to lose this time, but I hope that this project to get us outdoors will help that aspect of my life too.

All the things I learn along the way I’ll post here for all to read. My successes, my failures and many other things will be included. Thanks again for joining me!

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