My Want List

The items on my want list will either help to expand my outdoor garden or my virtual garden of websites. I always like surprises (who doesn’t) so if you feel so inclined to donate one or more of these items for support of this and the other Earthformed websites I’d really appreciate it.

Seeds or live plants hardy in Zone 5 or better or that can be grown as a container plant indoors.

  • Miniature Hosta

  • Sum and Substance Hosta and other giant hosta

  • Hibiscus (any color)

  • Clematis (any color)

  • Daylilly (any color but yellow)
  • Grape (any variety)

  • Blueberry (any variety)

  • Raspberries (any variety)

Actually, seeds of any and all berry types, and other fruit, vegetable, flower and tree and shrub types and varieties are welcome. Would like heirloom varieties to encourage biodiversity.

Last seasons seed pods are welcome so if you have some seeds of these types you’d be willing to trade for postage let me know and I’ll send a SASE.

Other items I’m looking for:
  • A new garden trowel – mine broke last year

  • A new 4 pronged cultivator – mine broke last year

  • Landscape timbers – 8′

  • Full load -7 to 10 cubic yards of good garden soil
  • Compost bin

  • Wormery

  • 55 gallon food grade plastic drums (i.e., used olive or olive oil drums)

  • 4″ or 6″ plastic pots (like the ones you get at the store with new plants)

  • 1, 3, 5 and 10 gallon plastic pots

  • The Perfect Garden Tool System Set 
    Everything the perfect gardener needs for more comfortable and strain-free gardening.
    Set includes:
    • Power Handle
    • T-Handle
    • Power Extension
    • Garden Trowel
    • Garden Spade
    • Power Planter
    • 2-Headed Hoe
    • 3-Prong Aerator
    • 4-ProngCultivator
    • Bow Rake
    • Kneeling Pad
    • Replacement Pin Pack
    • 3-Panel ToolTote

    The Perfect Garden Tool Set




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