Extremely frustrating computer problems

About 18 months ago my brother-in-law gave me his old office computer.  It was nice to have because when it worked it was faster than the one I’m currently using.  Lately, though, its been nothing but problems.  Since last Wednesday I’ve not been able to have it on for more than 20 minutes without it going to the blue screen of death. 

The latest blue screen was this:


STOP:  0X000000D1 (0X233C0017, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0XB894116E)


Obviously, this error was caused by my USB controller.  I’ve checked in the past and I cannot find any updates for it since the one that was installed is way out of date.  Microsoft has a hotfix, but it’s going to cost me an eye from the face to get the hotfix.  At least here I have the error documented (I can’t find my notes and stickies from past crashes, OOOPs).

Oh, but it gets better.  Now the PC won’t even load Windows.  It gets past the memory test and verifying components and then just a black screen staring back at me.  Then I got a very strange screen that I had never seen before:

TRAP 00000006 ———————EXCEPTION————————–

tr=0028 cr0=00000011 cr2=00000000 cr3=00000000

gdt limit=03FF base=00017000 idt limit=07FF base=00017400

cs:eip=008:E816F006 ss:esp=0010:00060E4c errcode=0000

flags=00010006 NoCy NoZr IntDis Down TrapDis

eax=00486340 ebx=00000F80 ecx=00431561 edx=00000000

ds=0010 es=0010 edi=0070000 esi=0060E8C ebp=00060E80

cr0=00000011 FS=0030 gs=0000

What in the world does this mean?  Usually, I’m pretty good about figuring these things out, but this is outside the realm of my immediate knowledge.  So, if anyone out there has any idea what this means and what I can do please share.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to my “Replace-My-Crappy-PC-Fund” I would really appreciate it.

Paypal takes their cut – like .30 – so even a small donation of $1.50 is appreciated.


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