Fam is safe in Hawaii

My parents and brother landed safely in Hawaii last night. Thank goodness the woman at the check in counter noticed they were going to miss their connecting flight to Oahu and rerouted them on Northwest to Minneapolis. If you saw the news you’ll know exactly why. A series of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through parts of Texas and the central US.

They were a little concerned they wouldn’t be able to make their trip. With the recent closings of several budget airlines they thought maybe the same would happen to Continental. We were joking that maybe we’d see them in a week, but then again maybe not 😀 . My brother, being quite morbose, kept reminding me of the airline and times so that if the plane went down we would know who to contact to claim the bodies. You could tell it was just a mildly humourous way to express his genuine concern. I hadn’t thought about that until just now, but he has never flown over the ocean. We’ve taken flights that went over the Gulf of Mexico, but Mom and I are the only ones who have ever taken long flights over open ocean. That can be a little intimidating.

Mom was a little disappointed that they didn’t get to sit near a window on their trip. She and my brother had to sit way at the back of the plane. Get this though, somehow Dad got a seat in first class. He deserves it though. He’s been really stressed out lately trying to find a new job.

My little girl kept telling “Abita”, her way of saying abuelita to my mom, that she wanted to go to Hawaii. It would have been nice, but you know how it goes “No Moola, No Hula”. When we are a little more financially stable we’d like to take her to Europe.

I think we need to plan carefully for a trip to Mexico before then. My aunts and uncles are getting older and they haven’t met her yet. My aunt Susana actually had quite a scare last year. She started having severe headaches, blurred vision and numbness. Doctors discovered it was a small tumor on her pituitary. It has shrunken back quite a bit, but it’s still there. I really hope she gets to see my little girl soon. It was really a bad year for her. She had her uterus removed because of complications from endometriosis and the recovery was very hard. At one point she was even begging for doctors to put it back. Obviously impossible, but you can see her desperation.

But I digress . . .

Parents and brother are safe in Hawaii. I hope they have a good time. And if all goes well we’ll see them next week.

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