I think I'm in LOVE. . .

. . . with FireFox! As a dedicated user of all programs Microsoft I finally gave in to the proddings of all my fellow bloggers: USE FIREFOX. After weeks of utter frustration with IE7 crashing every few minutes or when my internet connection would break I downloaded FireFox. The load times are much better and it doesn’t bog down when I have several tabs open. I even realized that my blogs are best viewed in FireFox. Imagine that!

Lucero De La Tierra (1091 Posts)

I'm a mom of two beautiful little girls, stay-at-home mom and blogger. I write about things that affect the everyday life of a stay-at-home parent or any parent for that matter such as parenting, relationships, discipline, the media, product reviews, giveaways, social media, food, cooking, gardening and anything else that might come my way.

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