People Must Really Love Their Cats

I’ve noticed in the past few days scouring throught the unending variety of blogs across the internet that there are a lot of people that simply, purely, undeniably LOVE their pets – especially cats. If you look through the collection of icons on Entercard a good portion of them feature a cat. As someone who grew up without having indoor pets (we had a few outdoor cats) this is hard for me to understand, especially with a cat.

My grandparents had cats. We always wanted to play with them, but, as you all know, they are very independant creatures. They wanted nothing to do with us. On the other hand, my grandmother’s two chihuahuas, Midget and Curly, especially Curly, loved to be around us. It wasn’t until Curly had passed away and Midget was alone that she finally warmed up to us.

Now of that I am married I can’t have a cat even if I wanted one. My husband is allergic. We discovered this shortly after my brother brought home a beautiful little white Persian kittty as a present for my mom. we went to visit them for the weekend and after a couple hours my husband’s face and eyes were, itchy and red and his nose was running. Then the revelation came – he remembered, or realized, he is allergic to cats. When he was a teenager he and one of his cousins of the same age would visit and spend time with one of their older cousins and her kids that were their same age. (Big family, long story for another day.) They had long haired indoor cats and his face would get all red, itchy and runny.

That is when we determined that a cat would not be for us. Though we had seriously considered getting a Pixie-Bob cat. A hybrid bobcat/housecat that is more like a small dog and supposedly hypoallergenic. Yeyda keeps asking for a kitty and I have to explain that someday, maybe, we’ll get her a puppy, but not a kitty, because kitties make daddy sick.

Although, there are some people with pet allergies that have successfully been able to control the allergy without much medication. Some friends of ours have cats and dogs both. Some indoor, but most outdoor. They run an Ozonator almost constantly and the man of the house that suffers the allergies has noticed a significant difference. He is also very dedicated to keeping in shape and he feels this has helped improve his lung capacity and his immune function. Pretty cool I think. So, we’ll see, if one day we find an inexpensive, hypoallergenic cat that’s more like a dog we will be able to join the hoards of cat lovers the world over.

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