Most Disgusting Restaurant Offerings, #1

I’ve been reading many blogs lately about food. Everyone talks about the foods they love and the best meals they’ve had. Given the fact that right now nothing sounds good to me, not even my favorite foods, it gave me the idea to blog about the worst food offerings. I don’t consider myself a picky person and if someone out of kindness offered these foods to me I’d be obliged to eat them. There is no way I’d ever buy them willingly and ingest them because I wanted to.

My #1 worst restaurant offering I’ve ever seen: The KFC Famous Mashed Potato Bowl

I love KFC’s mashed potatoes and gravy and even their crispy chicken. But please, don’t smash them in a bowl together and top them with corn and cheese (I’d add a photo of the wretched concoction, but my wordpress is acting up, again :-(). All of these components on their own and in moderation aren’t bad. This, though, sounds like a heart attack in a bowl; just thinking about the heartburn that would ensue makes me want to puke.

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