Sowing Seeds of Love

Over the past few weeks since I started my workout routine I had a feeling that something was up.  If you’ve read my blog posts from the beginning you’ll find some irony in what I’m about to tell you.

After a few weeks of sickness – stomach ache, nausea, shakiness – I discovered that I was late.  My female cycle was delayed by a few days which at first I thought was only coincidence or psychologically induced because of my post of a few days before.  I hesitated to buy a pregnancy test thinking it may be too early for an accurate result.  To tell you the truth, feeling the way I did I was hoping I was pregnant and that it wasn’t something more medically threatening.  That following weekend we bought the test and early on a Sunday morning I discovered that I was indeed carrying our second child.

It’s exciting and nerve wracking.  When we found out I was pregnant with Yeyda we decided right then that she wouldn’t be an only child if we could help it.  Both my husband and I have siblings that are within 4 years of us.  So we felt that between 3 and 4 years apart would be pretty good.  Hopefully, Yeyda will be potty trained by the time the baby is born and we’ll have one less set of accidents to clean up.  She is already very excited saying that she is going to have a baby and that the baby is just for her so she can play with them.

The other day that’s how one of our friends found out I was pregnant.  We were on our way to the zoo with their family and we stopped for gas.  While my husband went in to get our receipt because it didn’t print at the pump they pulled up beside us.  Their daughter’s got out of the car to come talk to Yeyda and she tells them, very excitedly, “I’m going to have a baby!”  The older girl looked a little perplexed and then looked at me and from the smile on my face she knew just what Yeyda meant.  Thankfullly, we had made a point of telling all our family the day before.  We didn’t want them learning second hand from anyone that I was expecting.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  The nausea has given way to all out vomiting at any time of the day.  I’ve thrown up four time just since waking up and had to stop writing twice since beginning this post so I could run to the bathroom.  Last night was horrible too; I couldn’t keep down my supper or the bowl of cereal I ate to replace it.   There are some days that I can’t keep anything down and I find that very depressing.  I just cry and pray that I can keep something down to nourish the baby and keep from feeling sick myself.  It will be at least 4 more weeks of this stuff.  If anyone has suggestions on what I can eat or what I can take to help calm some of these symptoms, please, do share.   I’ve tried taking B6 capsules and kelp capsules and red raspberry tea.  I’m still trying the tea but it seems as soon as the capsules burst in my stomach it makes me throw up.  My mom gave me some B6/Kelp/Lecithin pressed tablets that I’ve been able to take, but I only have a few left.

In preparation for the baby’s arrival I’m trying to sell things I have that I won’t use or no longer use.  You’ll notice on the home page the WP auctions where I’ll be listing sundry items.  I’ve tried listing on ebay but there is so much stuff out there that my stuff seems to get lost and I end up paying for nothing.  So, in an effort to clear some space in our house and make some money to buy baby clothes, diapers and a new stroller/car seat set (our original is busted; we used it after the car accident as much as we could, but the straps are frayed and the latch is gone and the collapsing mechanism on the stroller doesn’t work anymore without 2 people trying to force it).  Whew, there are a lot of things we have to prepare again.

We look forward to having a baby in the house again. Our little girl has grown up so fast that we are starting to forget what it was like when she was a baby baby.  My husband was getting nostalgic on me the other day and I reminded him that it wouldn’t be long and he’d have the chance to experience all those cuddly baby moments one more time.

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