I'm Gonna Wash That Gunk Right Outta My Hair, 2

Hard Water Hair Experiment #2

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 I added a slight variation to my experiment in treating hard water hair. Sunday I found an Olive Oil/Aloe shampoo called Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo; now that’s a mouthful. Right on the front of the label is says that it removes calcium build up and it mentions magnesium and iron on the back. Just what I’ve been looking for. It is distributed by Namaste International, LLC and if you want more info on it and the related hair care line go to http://www.organicrootstimulator.com. I used this shampoo in stead of my usual Pantene Always Smooth routine just to see what it would do for the condition of my hair. The shampoo produced a thick, tight, rich lather that I left on my hair for the duration of my shower. It was the last thing I rinsed off. My hair felt soft and had a hint of extra thickness so I decided not to use a conditioner.

After the shower I doused my hair with the apple cider vinegar tonic. This time I decided not to rinse it out to see if it gave any extra benefit. I did preceive and immediate change in hair texture as far as softness and tangles. (The only thing I didn’t like is that even after my hair dried when my head got warm and I sweat a little you could smell the vinegar. I think I’ll rinse the vinegar out next time before drying my hair.) I couldn’t help reaching for a leave in conditioner since I hadn’t used a creme conditioner in the shower. The brand I’ve had for ages is a Suave Vitamin Infusing Leave-In Conditioner (similar to Infusium 23). Then I used the It’s A 10 hair treatment and a dab of Citre Shine Anti Frizz Serum. The Citre Shine is a silicone based serum with a thicker texture which usually does a better job of taming frizziness and flyaways. Once I was done drying and straightening my hair with the oval brush and hair dryer I noticed a slightly thicker texture which I attribute to the addition of the olive oil shampoo and the citre shine. Opting for the citre shine was in an effort to stave off the effects of humidity on my hair. Even though it wasn’t supposed to rain I could feel in the house already that it was going to be more muggy outside than it was on Sunday.

New Finds

Since I was out and about on Tuesday I took the opportunity to search for a conditioner in the Organic Root Stimulator Line. The shampoo recommends using a packet of their Olive Oil Replenishing Pak after you towel dry hair. After reviewing the packet and the price I realized that this might not exactly be what I need and is intended for more coarse, dry hair. What I did find

at this Wal-Mart is the Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. This is for use out of the shower and the texture of the cream is more for my hair. The product claims to “restore hair’s natural moisture balance while strengthening the hair and providing a lasting sheen”. Sounds like it might be a replacement for the It’s a 10 and the Citre Shine serums – if it works. I’ll publish my results once I’ve added it to my hard water hair care routine.

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