I'm Gonna Wash That Gunk Right Outta My Hair, 3

On Thursday, August 21 I continued my trials with how best to treat hard water hair. I washed my hair with the Olive Oil Shampoo. After which I used the apple cider vinegar hair tonic to rinse my hair and rinsed that out after 2 minutes with distilled water.

Since I had not used a conditioner in the shower I used the Olive Oil Hair lotion on my hair. The one thing I was a bit disappointed with is that despite the name there was no olive oil in the ingredients. I used less than the size of a dime on my hair and instantly the hair felt soft. The only problem encountered was when drying my hair – it turned greasy looking though it was very soft. I tried to wipe out the excess product with a dry hand towel, but it was going to be impossible to get rid of the greasy look and feel without washing my hair again. My hair is about 6 inches below the nape of my neck so I thought an amount that small wouldn’t be too much. Obviously, I was wrong.

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