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In surfing through ads on fellow EntreCard sites I came across an interesting concept.  It’s called “Dropping A Bomb”.  It’s a way of returning the favor to those that loyally drop on your site.  When you click on the “Drop A Bomb” tag or adjacent image it automatically takes you to their page.  The idea is to help your readers discover new blogs. This will not give you any EntreCredits SO, please, don’t forget to drop on the featured EntreCard widget for this site in the sidebar.

This week I have chosen Random Thoughts as my Drop A Bomb candidate because they have dropped on me the most in the last 30 days.  Thank you for being a loyal EntreCard dropper. 🙂

This post is also using the WordPress plugin WP-Sticky.  This is my first time using this tool so bear with me if it looks funny.

Update 9/16/08:

After some thought I figured it would be nice to include my other top droppers in this sticky post.

Dropper # of drops
Random Thoughts 22
ebcak.com| Fun| Technology | Computer | Tutorials 21
What the Bald Guy needs to know about sports 18
Cape Town news 18
Everything Has A Reason 16
Pinoy Gaming World 15
My gypsygoods 15
What a bald guy told me about technology! 13
The Asian Economist 12
Lamberry 12

Thank you all for your support.

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