Let Us Not Forget What Happened 60+ Years Ago

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CAUTION: In the attached Power Point presentation you will find graphic images of the aftermath of the Holocaust. Click here to view the slide show Remember the Holocaust. Click your mouse or spacebar to advance each slide.

Rather than view this event as merely an extermination of European Jews we must view it as a wicked extermination of human beings who were considered distasteful, unhuman and dissidents to Nazi Germany. Holocaust itself is of Greek origin meaning to completely burn. Completely burn is what Hitler’s forces did to more than 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians and 10 million+ Christians during the years of World War II. Granted this horrible event moved the Allied nations to make political moves that were unpopular to the rest of the world, but this does not negate the fact that this murderous rampage actually happened. Truly, who can deny the images, testimonies, recordings and movies made of the survivors and of the dead who were found? To deny and to forget these people who suffered is in a way condoning their abuse by their captors. We as a human race cannot and should not allow this to be erased from our collective memory – regardless of whom it may offend. Fear of offense should not be a reason to hide the truth.

After having viewed this presentation I decided to translate it and pass it on. Originally I received it in Spanish so it took me a bit of time to find the cited quotations to get the wording correct. What I discovered in my search was disturbing – denial, propaganda and downright hatred. Though I do not believe that the Jews are God’s chosen nation any longer I do not harbor hatred towards them. They are human just like me and are entitled to the same rights, comforts and peace as anyone else. To deny that the Holocaust happened to their ancestors would be to deny that it also happened to millions of other non-Jewish victims. What a maginification of that atrocity forgetting would be – we would be giving victory to their abusors, murderers and rapists and most of all to Satan, the Father of all Evil.

I invite you to read a few of the articles and papers I came across in my research yesterday.  They openly discuss the fear and denial of the well documented happenings at the concentration camps in Germany and Russia.

Echoes of history Holocaust voices resurface at IIT – Chicago Tribune

Schools drop Holocaust lessons to avoid offence – Times Online


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