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Relax The Back: Tempur PedicBack in 2000 when DH and I were married we had to undertake the task of buying all new furniture.  Thankfully our matrimonial queen sized mattress was provided by my in-laws.  They had finally found a bed they liked and wanted to get rid of their old mattresses which weren’t all that old.  To my surprise the mattress was a TempurPedic.  This was no inexpensive wedding present.

After the first few nights I wondered why on earth they got rid of it.  I was very happy to have it.  I had never experienced such comfortable rest.  Even almost 9 years later we are still enjoying the non-movement transferring, supportive and 0 pressure point Tempur material.

Another feature I have come to appreciate is the waterproof cover that came with the mattress.  It does not retain heat to make you sweaty, but it does prevent the mattress itself from becoming soiled.  Ours has survived spills, leaked breast milk and being peed on without hurting the mattress.  It is washable and spot cleans very  nicely.  The cover even keeps body soil and dust mites that can lead to allergies and stale smells from penetrating the mattress.

When I lived at home with my parents I had their old spring coil mattress.  Now my brother has the same mattress.  Though it has survived these 20 years it is about as comfortable as sleeping on a sack filled with old rags.  It has sagged from years of use and really just needs to be replaced.  Our TempurPedic mattress never has to be turned over and even after all these years has no signs of sagging or compression.  It is still as comfortable as the first day we used it.

As for the transfer of motion, it is virtually non-existent with this mattress just as the manufacturer claims.  The only way we know the other is moving is if we bump each other or one of us pulls the covers too hard.  We have even been able to share the bed with DD1 comfortably.  Unfortunately, for her the mattress isn’t bouncy enough to have much fun jumping on the bed :).

Overall, this is a mattress I would not hesitate recommending to anyone.  I have back and hip problems that plague me constantly and I awake with less pain after a night on this mattress than any other in recent memory.

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