Exciting Weekend on the Horizon

I’m facing the inevitable – discomfort, pain, anxiety, elation and relief.  “What a combination of emotions,” you may say.  Well, having a baby brings a mix of the worst and the best there is in life.  This will be my second forray in to the land of labor pains so I am fully aware of what is coming.  Oh, how ignorance is bliss.  The first time I went into things untainted by memories of pain, contractions, episiotomies or anything.  This time I’m trying hard to hold back the tears of impending doom :P.

I’m very excited at the same time too.  How could I not be!?!  Waiting 9 months to see what this creature is going to look like is killing me now.  This pregnancy for the most part has been so different from my first that it makes me wonder if this baby’s personality will be that much different than my older daughter.

Well, the doc said he doesn’t think I’ll make it through the weekend without having this baby.  He said I was 70% effaced and 1.5 cm dialated as of this morning.   I’m ready to be done with this pregnancy and see my precious baby.  Wish me luck!

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