Totally Complete Nutrition and Yummy Too!

Morning noon and night our lives basically revolve around the next time we are going to eat. This makes life “heavier” for some of us as the choices of what to consume are not the most healthy. One filling and potentially nutritious option is cereal. In this case we still have to be careful which one we choose and the fat content of the milk we pair with it.

Recently, I received a sample of Total Cranberry Crunch cereal from The cereal has whole grain wheat flakes, oat clusters and real sweetened cranberries. The combination made for a real texture adventure. The cereal is a little on the sweet side with 16 grams of sugar per serving – even higher than some of the so called sugary dessert cereals. The slight tartness of the cranberries helps to mask this sugary overload. Each serving of 1.25 cups also has 10% (230 mg) of sodium – not good if you are watching your blood pressure and sodium intake overall. I learned the hard way that you even need to be careful of sodium content in foods even when you are pregnant (I suffered from extreme edema in my last trimester and after the baby was born).

The taste combination was spot on making it a yummy choice for breakfast or a snack any time of day. The sweetness of course would lend itself well to the child that won’t eat their veggies. I say this because each serving has 100% of the USRDA of 11 vitamins and nutrients. Not to say that Billy and Sally won’t have to still eat their broccoli, but this is a “sweet” way to supplement their diets with good stuff in a way they won’t be able to detect.

One thing to be aware of is what happens to the texture after the wheat flakes sit in milk for a few minutes. Typically, it takes me less than five minutes to consume a bowl of cereal. By the end of those five minutes the flakes were already getting soggy and tasting more like wheat mush. The crunchy oat clusters lent the otherwise mushy texture a welcome crispness that lasted until the end.

Overall this was a tasty treat.

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