Days 1 & 2: My Journey from Pudgy to "Perfect"

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 188 lbs.  Yikes! Believe it or not that is almost 30 lbs. lost postpartum. That’s the largest I’ve ever been.
Bust:  40″ above x 47″ around x 40″ below (Can you say Triple-D?)
Abdomen: 42″
Waist: 40″
Hips: 45″

After 11 months of an almost nonexistent workout routine and probably many months of sporadic exercise before that I decided that March would be my workout beginning – again.  It’s been 8 weeks since my little one was born.  According to doctors and expert opinions this is enough time for your body to recover from possible muscle separation in the abdomen, for the episiotomy to heal, the uterus to shrink and for your milk to come in full strength.  Another impetus to get in shape is that I have no physical strength to speak of, I tire easily, none of my clothes fit and I have no money to buy new :(.

I can’t say I’ve never been much for exercise because when I was in high school, living at home with my parents, I’d do aerobics and dance exercises in my room for an hour a night every night.  After I got married and didn’t have a space of my own where I could crank up my music without bothering Lord DH, my routine went by the wayside.  Then the fat started going to my sides :(.  I gained 15 lbs. my first year married.  The lack of exercise in combination with the pill didn’t help.  Of course there was the introduction of alcohol into my diet.  Even infrequent consumption can sink an otherwise healthy diet if you don’t get much physical movement because it’s high in calories.

Yesterday, though the only exercise I got was dancing around with my little girl, washing dishes, doing laundry and playing with the baby, I will consider my Day 1 of my new routine.  That way I can take Sunday as my day of rest from exercise.  This morning after DH left for work I popped in the DVD for Beach Body’s Power 90 workout and did the Sculpt routine.  It was a bit difficult since I’m so out of shape, but I did the whole workout.  I started with the Sculpt because I like the routine and it doesn’t kick my butt as bad as the Sweat routine.  This way I’ll be happy having finished a workout and be encouraged to do the Sweat tomorrow.  I feared that if I did the Sweat first I’d give up before I got started.  You may see that as silliness, but when you aren’t used to a routine of exercise of any sort you have to think of those things.

Originally, I was going to start out just doing the Great Abs Beach Body routine daily.  Then I thought if I don’t start full guns now, I’ll get discouraged if I don’t see results right away.  I know I shouldn’t think that way, because when I was doing the Jorge Cruz 8-minutes in the morning workouts for 6 weeks (a couple years ago) people started noticing that I was looking different.  Then I got sick and it all went out the window.

I’m going to need lots of encouragement.  You moms out there know how exhausting it can be to care for a household and two small children and try to still have time for yourself.  So if you can PLEASE leave me your comments (after dropping your EC of course) about your success and trials with working out, I’d really, really appreciate it.  It’s different when a friend or stranger encourages you as opposed to being nagged by DH.

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