Wonderful Products for a Breastfeeding Mother

Any nursing mother knows that a babies lips, gums and tongue – soft as they may seem – can wreak havoc on a tender breast.  Unfortunately, baby doesn’t always latch on the right way and there is that occasional uncomfortable, curious nibble.  Lotions and even cold compresses don’t offer the best form of relief.

Another common occurrence among nursing mother’s is “the leak”.  We can’t always get to the baby at the exact time they need to be fed or when we NEED to feed them.  Engorged breasts will burst forth with a flood of milk at the most inopportune of times :(.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up soaked in my own milk.  It’s very uncomfortable when it happens out in public.

For all of the above trials a company with the nursing mother in mind has created products to make nursing more joyful.  Lansinoh lanolin is food safe and can be applied after every feeding and in between as you need it.  The thick ointment covers, soothes and softens even the most irritated of nipples.  I remember right after DD2 was born my nipples were so raw I had scabs on them.  Thanks to Lansinoh lanolin I was able to continue nursing my baby with minimal pain and my nipples were allowed to heal.  It is safe for the baby and has no unpleasant taste or odor that would keep baby from accepting your breast.

Lansinoh also offers absorbent nursing pads.  They are thin and light making them virtually undetectable under clothes.  The small adhesive strip helps to keep it in place in your bra during and between feedings.  The pad is filled with a special polymer that wicks the moisture away from your delicate skin.  This prevents further irritation of the breast and possible infection if the milk was allowed to continuously soak the skin.  With frequent changings your breasts will always feel fresh and clean.  I personally use 2 or 3 sets of pads a day.  They come in packs of 60 or 30 and are individually wrapped to keep them clean.  They are discreet which makes it easy to carry an extra set or two in your purse or diaper bag.

Lansinoh products are offered at most major retailers and are very reasonable in price.  The lanolin tube even when used frequently will last you a long time.

Long Live Lansinoh!

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