Fighting Indoor Winter Dryness

With many days below zero this winter the heating systems everywhere were on overdrive.  In the first few days after we moved back to our home and routine after the baby was born I noticed that I noticed that she was struggling to breathe.  At first I thought maybe she was sick.  The more I investigated I noticed that her little nose was completely plugged with hardened mucous.  I had to use a moistened cotton swab to introduce moisture to her little nose, but I knew this wasn’t going to be a good long term solution.

The very next day I went grocery shopping and made a point of buying some saline solution for the girls and me.  For DD1 and I, I just bought the traditional squeeze bottle type dispenser.  Remembering how much she used to hate that type of dispenser when she was a baby I searched for an alternative for DD2.  I found Baby Simply Saline.

The Baby Simply Saline container is made of aluminum with a plastic dispenser spray  top.  This keeps any mucous from being sucked back into the container, thus keeping it sterile,  unlike other plastic models that you have to squeeze to dispense.  The dispenser is made in such a way that it is easy to operate with just one hand.  The tip of the applicator is small enough to fit inside the little nostril of an infant with a little lip that prevents it from going in too far.  The rounded tip makes it safe for delicate nasal tissues.  Also, it doesn’t matter what angle your baby is in you can easily spray the gentle mist into the baby’s nose.

I’ve sprayed it into her nose while she is lying down, sitting up, or cradled in my arms.  I’ve not used it to irrigate her nasal passages, but it does have directions for that.  Every time I’ve used it she sneezes out large globs of, well, snot and is able to breathe easily.

We have also been very fortunate that she has not gotten sick at all this season.  We have had family and friends all with colds and flu symptoms that have been near the baby during their sickness.  I believe that this is partly due to keeping her nasal passages moist preventing any tears due to dryness that would allow the viruses to take hold.  I highly recommend this saline solution for use with your infants and toddlers and even some adults if you have small nasal cavities.

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