Plants That Tell You When To Water

There are many products on the market that are made to make remembering to water your plants easier.  Whether it’s a ceramic worm that changes color or a glass globe with a long tube that sticks into the soil and self waters there is one thing you have to do – PAY ATTENTION.  Neither of these products tell you when the plant needs more if you aren’t looking right at them.  I’ve been known to neglect watering my indoor plants to the point of utter dehydration.  My “alarm” is a very observant 3 year old who notices when the plants look “sad”.

The talented people at the Botanicalls Project have found a way to bridge the gap of communication between people and plants.  They have created a sensor which monitors the plant’s moisture levels and sends Tweets to your mobile phone when it needs watered.  It even sends a “Thank You” when you show it love by watering it.  In an effort to show the public how this works they have a tweeting plant set up named Pothos.  As of today it has 3,025 followers and 152 updates and indicates it is in Urgent need of a watering :).  How cool is that!?!

This would be a great gift for the avid gardener in your life. (*hint*hint*)

Dutch Gardens, Inc.

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