Natural Instincts Light Medium Brown – Tweed

It’s been about 6 years since the last time I colored my hair. At first I was hesitant about doing anything to my hair and one day I just felt like I needed a change. I used a non chemical relaxer that still damaged my hair a bit. Then I highlighted my hair – they ended up too light (never have a chatty helper; they get too easily distracted). So, I had to find some way to tone them down without further damaging my medium ash brown hair.

I didn’t want to get rid of them altogether. I just wanted the highlights to not be the very light blonde they were and more of a honey color. At first I considered using the Light Golden Brown from Natural Instincts (Toasted Almond), but when I put the box next to my natural color the tone was entirely too red. I feared that the Medium Ash Brown was going to darken them too much so I went for the Light Ash Brown. The result was very pleasing. Surprisingly the dye still left a hint of red on the highlights. This was a result I did not expect since the tone was supposedly ash. The rest of my hair was changed little, just a bit brighter.

The after color conditioner called the Color Treat was spectacular. The rich conditioner left my hair super soft and smelling wonderful.

It has been about 2 weeks since I colored my hair and it has faded noticeably because of the highlights. I was very surprised that after only four washes one of the lightest highlights was peeking conspicuously out of my otherwise dark hair.

I like the color and the condition of my hair after using this product. Next time I think I’ll go for either the Medium or Dark Ash brown color to make sure the results are a bit more long-lasting.

Overall I say I got what I paid for.

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