Folgers Gourmet Selections: Lively Colombian

Ever since a friend of ours opened a coffee shop that we frequent my DH and I have become a bit snobbish when it comes to the quality of our coffee. We were no longer happy with the, mm mm, swill that results from instant coffee or even the pre-ground Folgers or Maxwell house brands that come in the plastic tubs. They never gave us the lift we were looking for in the mornings and I noticed that I felt even more tired after drinking a cup or two. Like a heard a comedian say once, “If the “best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup” then why wake up.”  Though I’ve recently had a new experience with this brand that has changed my opinion a bit.

We try to avoid buying ground coffee because it loses it’s body and goes stale fairly quickly. A week ago we had run out of all our whole bean coffee and I had to go to the local grocery store to buy coffee because we can’t seem to go a morning without it. It so happened that they had the Folger’s Gourmet Selections ground coffee on sale. At less than $7 for the 11 oz. bag I figured it would be OK to give it a shot. At least it wasn’t much more than the $10 per pound of whole bean coffee we usually buy. I made sure to find a bag that still had the vacuum tightly sealed around the block of coffee and it turned out to be a bag of the Lively Colombian. I have been pleasantly surprised.

It’s been a week and the smell of the coffee is still very rich. I typically use 4 heaping tablespoonfuls of coffee for each 6 cups of water. The coffee resulted too strong for my taste. So the next day I used 4 level tablespoons of ground coffee and it was perfect. The coffee was robust, complex with just enough sour and slight – very slight- bitterness that I expect from a decent cup of coffee. Later in the day I didn’t feel groggy either. This is a coffee I would not hesitate to purchase again – as long as it’s on sale.

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