Tis the Season for Egg Nog

I love this time of year because of the many varieties of food available that we can’t normally find year round. Special cheeses, cakes, cookies, crackers and my absolute favorite – egg nog. For me nutmeg means memories of family and tastes like cake in a cup.

My first experience with eggnog was tasting my uncle’s Rompope (rom-po-peh) when I was visiting my family in Mexico. It was thick and creamy and made it feel like fire in my nose. I didn’t know that this was eggnog until I got back home.  So mom allowed me to buy a quart of eggnog the next time we went grocery shopping and I’ve been hooked to that flavor ever since.

C.F. Burger has a very good eggnog and a local dairy named Arps makes a tasty version as well.  Saturday I found one that tops them all. It’s a half gallon eggnog available at Sam’s Club from Byrne Dairy called Santa’s Pack Recipe Eggnog.  It is thick, but not too thick.  The flavor is rich, sweet and buttery.  It’s made with real egg yolks and rBST free milk and cream.  At only $3.06 a half gallon it is a deal compared to the quarts typically available in the local grocery stores.  I haven’t checked, but they may have this same brand available at Wal-Mart.  It would be worth a peek.

Being non-alcoholic it’s great for the kids.  Well, the rest of you can add a splash of spiced rum to the mix to warm things up a bit.

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