Losing Eyelashes? What to do…


I noticed recently that my eyelashes have not been as full or long as usual.  Being a stay at home mom I only where makeup a couple of times a week so the span between applications can be several days.  To me it seemed like all of a sudden my upper lashes on my right eye had a bald spot and even mascara wasn’t helping much to make them look better.  That was my estimation based on what I’m used to seeing.

I’ve never had super long or extra thick lashes like my maternal grandmother did or like my daughters now do.  Needless to say to see my already average lashes becoming scanty is disappointing and a bit scary.  It makes me wonder if stress, age or even malabsorbtion could be to blame.  What makes me wonder even more is the fact that my eyelids feel heavy and slightly swollen, like I’ve been crying (which I haven’t).

In searching for a topical remedy to the situation I found numerous candidates for consideration.  Unfortunately, most of the products were well out of my price range.  One that did peak my interest and was reasonably priced was the L’Oréal Double Extend Lash Serum.  Most of the reviews were positive though the thought of trying to wear a stiff, sticky serum under mascara during the day did not appeal to me.  Being a SAHM that wouldn’t be a huge issue as I could wear the serum alone when I’m at home.

Then I remembered a conversation I’d had with my father-in-law about castor oil.  He said he had used it for years to fade liver spots and sun spots and he’d head others claim it helped regrow hair.  It would be a readily available and cheap experiment. 

Then as I considered buying some castor oil I recalled that I had some oil drops that claim to help 37+ skin conditions that contained all kinds of good oils.  So I decided to start using this combination called MiraCell 37+ on my eyelids.  I figure why not if it doesn’t help my lashes grow back at least i’ll have nourished skin in the typically weak eye area.  At 31, the wrinkle factor is starting to creep up on me :-(.

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