Timothy’s Earl Grey Tea K-Cup

Timothy's Earl Grey Tea K-cupLast night for the first time I tried one of the tea K-cups for the Keurig Coffee Brewer. The Timothy’s Earl Grey K-cup came in a Timothy’s Variety box we ordered from Keurig. It is rare that I crave tea, but last night i wanted something warm and flavorful, but not coffee. I was skeptical at first if the flavor and body I expect out of a steeped cup of tea would be present. Boy was I wrong.

As I have come to expect from the Timothy’s brand K-cups the color and rich aroma of the brew was there from the moment it started to fill the cup. The wonderful bergamot and mild citrus flavor was just what I wanted and not at all watered down. It was great because I didn’t have to put the tea pot to heat. I didn’t have to wait 5 minutes for the tea to steep. And I didn’t have to put a cup of water with a tea bag in the microwave. I used to do this when I was in a rush, but the flavor falls flat and it doesn’t stay hot quite as long as tea made on the stove. The flavor and heat of the cup of tea from the Keurig much resembled that of tea made on the stove. The flavor was rich and robust, herbaceous, without being perfumey – just what I expect from a good cup of tea.  I added a little sugar and half and half and enjoyed the delicious elixir.

So if you like tea and you have a Keurig brewer don’t be afraid to try the tea k-cups.  So far the Timothy’s are very good.

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