Chicken Fajita Rollup Rip-Off at Applebees

This evening after a long exhausting day we went to visit our new little niece.  We hadn’t had anything to eat and the girls were restless. DD1 requested Applebees and it sounded good so we went. 

DH right away knew he wanted the Bacon Cheddar Burger.  DD1 wanted fish which was unusual.  We settled on getting the fish and chips for the girls so they could split it. I doubted there would be enough for all three of us so I got the Chicken Fajita Rollup.

When the food arrived the girls had three good size fillets of fish, a mountain of fries and some Cole slaw to share. DH’s burger looked good though he had significantly fewer fries.  My rollup looked more like a lettuce burrito with a little pico de gallo and cheese and a few scant pieces of chicken.  I thought, “looks can be deceiving, maybe the chicken fell to the ends.” No such luck. 

For almost $8 there should have been twice as much meat.  I seriously doubt I had half of one chicken breast in the tortilla.  As mutantly huge commercial meat chickens are these days you could have fed four people with the way the meat was doled out.

I was sorely disappointed.  Next time I’ll be more careful when the star of the dish can be buried in lettuce and hidden in a tortilla or crepe.  It’s too easy to get jipped.  What I should have done was not get anything for myself and eat the girl’s leftovers.  Instead I had a flour tortilla filled with lettuce and a few mini pieces of chicken and we brought home most of the fries and one and a half fillets of fish.

I know the economy is hitting everyone hard, but practices like this alienate people.  You want consumers who are pinching their pennies to keep coming back you can’t skimp.  It’s different when a box of cereal or a container of juice changes size and the price stays the same.  The consumer can see a quantifiable change and calculate whether it’s worth the buy.  You can’t do that with restaurant fare.  All it takes is one poor experience to turn one off completely.

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