Get Moovelously Smooth Skin With Udderly SMOOth Cream – Review & Giveaway


Winter is coming and the seasonal dryness is already making it’s mark. As a mom, housewife, and gardener, et al, my hands are always at the mercy of the elements. Whether I am preparing food, bathing children, washing clothes, washing dishes, planting seeds, potting plants or just playing with my girls my hands are always in contact with water and detergents and other irritants. This wreaks havoc on the skin and cuticles. I am always on the lookout for some cream or lotion to restore the softness to my skin and prevent it from becoming chapped and broken.

I am not the only one in my family that deals with dry skin issues. Dear daughter #1, Cookie-Cookie, has chronically dry skin and has even recently developed sites on the insides of her elbows and backs of her knees with erythema and excess dryness.  Unfortunately, it is an inherited condition.  My mom has very sensitive skin and DH’s dad suffers from psoriatic eczema.  The poor thing has even been in tears from the pain these spots cause her from the splitting and cracking. Of course this makes mommy cry, too. We have struggled to find a fragrance free, citrus free, and emollient rich cream or lotion that is non-greasy and non-irritating. Many of the lotions and creams out there contain alpha-hydroxy or acidic ingredients or citrus based oils to help “reverse” the signs of aging which is great – for me. This though is not necessary when all you are trying to do is help a four-year-old’s skin to heal.


Redex Industries, the makers of Udderly Smooth & based in Ohio, was kind enough to send me a sample box of some of their more popular formulations. I decided to do some research into how this brand began. With a name like Udderly Smooth I had a feeling dairy cows had to be involved somehow.

Over 30 years ago Registered Pharmacist and CEO Bill Kennedy directed the development of Udderly Smooth for dairy cows in Ohio that were under harsh conditions. I imagine after discovering that the farmers who were applying the cream also experienced softer skin they started marketing the product for human use. It is now used world wide for treating dry chapped and irritated skin. Redex has produced Udderly Smooth formulations for the needs of athletes, medical professionals, and chemotherapy patients among others.


I received the Shea Butter Foot Cream, Body Cream (unscented) and some Udder Cream in tubes that were perfect for carrying in my purse. The first thing I noticed about all of these creams was the texture. It was light and smooth with an almost whipped texture. The creams went on the skin very easily and absorbed quickly. There was no stickiness or greasiness, but you could tell that you had something on your skin. This was made evident the first time I washed my hands after having applied the Udder Cream – the water just rolled off the backs of my hands like water rolling off a ducks back. That is a good sign for someone whose hands are always in the water.

I was particularly interested in trying the ‘non-greasy’ foot cream. Having walked around in sandals through the summer and most of the fall had left my heels and bottoms of my feet dry and thick with dead skin. My left foot even has a bit of a hole where a chunk of dry skin was worn away by my sandals. It is taking quite some time to heal. Like many women I have a plethora of creams, lotions, body butters and other emollients that I’ve used on the bottom of my feet. One of the main problems is that the greasiness or oiliness makes it difficult and dangerous to walk across smooth surfaces like tile or wood floors and messy to walk across carpet or try to put on shoes. I quickly discovered that this would not be a problem with the Shea Butter Udderly Smooth Foot Cream. The cream goes on very easy, absorbs in an instant and leaves no slippery feeling. After a week of using the cream on my feet I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the dryness of my heels.

Cookie-cookie was a little hesitant to allow me to put a new lotion on her. I understood her apprehension since she has had contact dermatitis reactions to different lotions, detergents and clothing dyes. Just to put her mind at ease I tried the Udder Cream on the back of her leg and the inside of her forearm only. She said she liked the way it felt and hours later there was no breakout. She made sure to tell me that it did not sting on her sensitive broken skin behind her knee which made me feel good about the product as another alternative to our moisturization arsenal.

Redex Industries makes a variety of products for all different moisturizing and skin protection needs. In addition to the Shea Butter Foot Cream, Udderly Smooth Hydrating Cream and Udderly Smooth Body Cream they make products for use by athletes to prevent excess friction. The creams all contain lanolin which is a natural oil derived from the sheared wool of sheep. It has a very signature smell. After having used a lanolin based product for my breastfeeding needs I have come to know that smell as the smell of comfort and quality. It does take some getting used to but once you have accustomed yourself you won’t regret it.

To beat the winter dryness blues (or any time of the year) try Udderly Smooth creams. They’re not just for cows anymore.

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