Awesome Deal on a Coat @ Macy's – ONE DAY SALE Review

Take advantage of the ONE DAY SALES at Macy’s.  My suggestion would be if you can get to a store – GO.  The deals there totally blow away any of their offerings online.  This is especially the case if you have a Macy’s card and get special “member’s only” discounts.

For several seasons I’ve been looking for a good winter coat.  Mine are falling apart and not exactly appropriate for every occasion.  I have a very heavy, almost ankle length wool coat that I wear to church and since my other coats had gone the way of the dodo I’d been wearing it when we go out anywhere else.  The problem was it is so heavy I’d end up with a terrible neck, head and backache by the end of the day from “carrying” it around.  I needed something else.  A warm coat with a hood and a zip front that was lighter, easier to wear.

Yesterday I found it.  My mom called me the night before and said she got a coupon from Macy’s for 20% off her purchase good until the end of the month.  Then I remembered that in my online search that Macy’s was having a ONE DAY SALE.  I’d never been to one so I didn’t quite know what to expect.  Actually my expectations were pretty low since Macy’s is an expensive place to shop in my experience.  Wow, was I blown away.

All the women’s coats were in one area.  Another tip – don’t get discouraged.  There is no consistency of sizes among the brands so try on EVERYTHING that might come close to your size.  Just because it says L and you think you are a 1X or 2X you shouldn’t discount it.  I tried on every coat in XL from the Misses section that I could find.  My chest dictates my size (I’m top heavy) so it was hard to find a Misses coat that closed across my chest and didn’t pull, strain or gap.  Then I decided to go to the Women’s Plus section and look around.  I found a rack that was full of London Fog quilted coats.  Some were hip length and some were knee length for which I was looking.  I tried on a brown, hooded, knee length quilted coat with a front zip and side slit pockets in 1X.  The top fit great, but the bottom was cut in a very wide a-line that made me look bigger that normal.  Mom said it helped to minimize the “impact” of my top section, but I thought it was too much.  I kept looking.  None of the other coats came even close to the fit of the London Fog.  Then it dawned on me that I should try to find the Misses XL to see if it would fit any better.  To my dismay I couldn’t find the an XL in that coat in the Misses section anywhere.  I was about to concede defeat when I took one last sweep of the Plus section and found a lone black London Fog coat in the style for which I was searching amongst some Calvin Klein jackets – AND IT WAS AN XL!

I tried on the coat and was so happy I almost cried.  It closed across my chest and had a more moderate a-line that still gave me an hourglass figure without looking out of proportion.  Not only did the coat fit like a glove but it was 60% off.  The original price of the coat was $205, so with the extra 20% discount my total without tax was $65.60!  Isn’t that an awesome deal?!?!  We saved $139.40 AND I got a London Fog (I love this brand).

Even if Macy’s may seem out of your reach most of the time (like me) – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR ONE DAY SALES.  Look for items that will soon be out of season or that they may want to move out to make room for newer styles.  Go to the racks marked with high percentages off because you’ll be surprised at the brands and quality of the items there – they don’t only closeout junk.  My husband has the misaprehension that if it’s in the clearance rack then it must be crap or there is something wrong with it.  NOT SO!  Sometimes a store just has too many for the local population to consume and they have to lower the price.

If you have the privilege (or rather responsibility) of having a Macy’s card and can get the member’s only discounts make sure to read the restrictions.  There are many brands that cannot have this discount applied (Levi’s being one).  At least this time Clearance items were not excluded.  That was great for me.  Since I don’t have a Macy’s card my mom went with me and purchased the coat on her card.  I just need to pay her back before it starts to accumulate interest.  If you don’t want to apply for the card find a willing friend that has one, be reasonable with your purchase and PAY THEM BACK SOON! Usually you have 30 days before the purchase starts to accrue interest.

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