My Journey From Pudgy to "Perfect": Hiding Veggies

Time on current weight loss attempt: 8 days

Weight Change: .9 lbs lost

Total Weight Change: 2.8  lbs. lost

It is interesting to feel how cathartic writing about my weight loss attempts has been these past few days.  Especially after joining the Noom 30 day challenge group and knowing others want to know what is going on with me has been encouraging.  I’ve always been a bit of a loner, a I-can-do-it-on-my-own kind of person.  After several failed attempts at losing weight and keeping it off I have come to realize that I can’t do this alone.  Even if it’s just the idea that someone is out there reading this and gaining some comfort or help from my experience is a morale boost for me.

I didn’t do any 8 minutes in the morning exercises but I did do my 12 minutes on the Wii.  Later the girls and I played scoop ball.  I had to cut the top 6 inches off a gallon milk container keeping the handle intact.  The object of the game was to throw and catch a small ball with the container.  It’s supposed to help with hand eye coordination.  The game was surprisingly harder than it seemed.

I ate A LOT of fruits and veggies today and save a headache later in the evening I felt pretty good.  No severe hunger pangs and little cravings for chocolate, candy bars, cookies, popcorn or ice cream.  Though it is rare that I keep that kind of stuff in the house (because I WILL eat it) I typically get a hankering for it later in the evening.  I did have a glass of milk with a little Nesquick in it after supper to help quell a mild desire for chocolate and it seemed to do the trick to get me over it.  Usually you’ll find me with a bowl of popcorn or corn chips with cheese after supper because I just wasn’t satisfied.  Not today.

Supper was chock full of veggies and super easy.  The idea was on a package of spinach.  Supposedly the recipe is a ‘kid friendly’ way to hide spinach in an evening meal.  I must say it did hide the rather chalky texture typical of cooked spinach which my DH hates.

I cooked a pound of regular Jimmy Dean roll sausage in a pan breaking it into small pieces until browned.  Then I scooped it into a strainer and set it aside over a bowl allowing the fat to drain off.  In the remaining browned bits in the pan I added a tablespoon of olive oil and a pound of the rinsed spinach and a little salt and pepper to taste.  In the meantime I had set a pot of salted water to boil in order to cook some angel hair pasta.  As soon as the spinach was wilted I brought the sausage back to the pan along with a jar of pasta sauce.  This mixture was allowed to heat through on low while I cooked 12 oz. of angel hair pasta in the boiling water.  After the pasta was cooked al dente it was drained and put in the pan with the sausage, spinach, sauce mixture.  Mixed all together this became our supper.  My three-year-old kept saying it was her favorite.  No one complained about the spinach and everyone walked away satisfied – including me seeing that all the plates were left clean J.

Programs, books, helpers: Noom Coach for Android, Jorge Cruise 8-Minutes in the Morning, Wii Fit Plus, Power 90, Slim in 6, Flip the Switch Lose the Weight by Dr. Robert Cooper, Buddy Noom on Facebook ( if interested and using Noom, friend them on FB and they’ll add you to a support group), Online Stopwatch ,,

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