Downy UNStopables in-wash SCENT BOOSTER


Downy Unstopables In Wash Scent BoosterBoth of my daughters have sensitive skin and I have a rather sensitive nose when it comes to perfumes and added scents (both inherited from my mother). I typically shy away from scented detergents and liquid softeners for these reasons. I do use Bounce dryer sheets to keep the static down in the laundry and add a little fragrance, but sometimes it’s just not enough and it does not last long.

Downy Unstopables Crystals

During a December shopping trip I came upon a deal for P&G products that offered $10 back if you purchased $35 worth of their brand. Naturally I was intrigued and pairing it with coupons and on sale items I was able to save $80 on one shopping trip. It was during this trip that I discovered Downy UNStopables in the ‘fresh’ variety. Never having used anything like this before I thought I’d give it a chance, especially since I was getting such a good deal.

On the first try I realized that a little goes a LOOOOONG way. Using the included floral shaped cap to measure to the lowest line left the clothes with a heavy dose of the ‘fresh’ scent that was a little overwhelming for my taste. I started using about half of the recommended ‘dosage’ for clothing and was left with a long lasting, pleasant freshness that the dryer sheets I had been using could not match (plus this made it last twice as long ;)). Neither of my girls experienced any kind of adverse reaction and once I figured out the proper amount to use my nose was happy too. I’d definitely suggest using this in the lowest recommended amount for bedding, blankets, and bath towels. The fragrance is strong enough that freshly cleaned bedding will leave the whole room smelling fresh for days.


As with any cleaning supplies, keep out of reach of children.  It smells good and it looks like candy, so it would be very tempting for a little one to put in their mouth.

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