My Journey from Pudgy to 'Perfect': Difficult Day

Ladies, you know there are certain times of the month that can be emotionally difficult and physically draining.  On top of trying to maintain a diet I had one of those days.  The girls were driving me crazy with too much fighting and too much whining.  They took two hours to finish their lunch effectively ruining whatever plans I had for the rest of the day.  Sadly, I faltered.  I ate a Snickers bar that I found hiding in a cupboard.  Thankfully it did not put me over my calorie limit for the day but just the source of the calories can’t be good.  Way too much sugar and carbs overall.

I just need to remember to not give up.  Even when you have a tough day that doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself.  Give yourself a hand for getting through it without losing your mind or your temper.  Treat yourself to a little chocolate or salty snack within reason.  As long as you are eating your veggies and lean protein and fruit in moderation nowhere does it say you can’t have a small indulgence.  That’s what keeps us from giving up.  That’s what helps to keep us on our game.  Knowing that if I want to I can have a taste of something I love that I may have eaten by the dinner plate full but now can be happy with a small piece.

I’ve discovered that dark chocolate is delicious and very satisfying.  Special Dark Hershey’s baking chocolate is great for recipes that call for unsweetened cocoa powder.  Ghirardelli and others offer dark chocolate tasting squares with 67% cocoa and above.  There is one I want to try that has almonds and sea salt.  The rich flavor of the dark chocolate makes eating just one or two small pieces just enough to quell the desire for sweet chocolate.

So when you are having a hard day don’t give up.  It’s not totally wrong to give in if it’s only a little – with chocolate that is :).

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