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When CookieCookie was 17 months old we had to go to Chicago to get her passport.  It was a long arduous day and when all was said and done we were very hungry.  We came upon a restaurant in the lobby of a hotel (when I think of the name I’ll post it) and it looked a little more high end than we anticipated.  The patrons were mostly middle aged or older and they were giving us the nastiest looks for bringing in such a small child.

Well, not much to our surprise, little Cookie won them over with her quiet demeanor (in public anyway ;P) and how nicely she sat next to me and shared my meal.   Half way through the meal she caught the eye of a rather snooty looking, well dressed woman at a nearby table who couldn’t help but make smiley faces and googly eyes an our little girl.

Much to everyone’s surprise she sat quietly and shared with me a Warm goat cheese medallion salad with beets, cranberries and walnuts.  That isn’t typically a meal you would see a toddler enjoying, but she happily ate along with me without complaint even after a long day of being carted around Chicago in her stroller.  She enjoyed the breaded goat cheese medallions and the slightly sweet slices of beet especially when placed together.  Another testament to how a child can be taught to be adventurous when it comes to food.

Jessica at Taste It If You Can posted this recipe for Warm goat cheese, cranberry and pecan salad « Taste it if you can and it brought back that happy  memory of Cookie’s first and only trip to Chicago.  We want very much to take her and her sister back there now that they are old enough to remember what we see and do.

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  1. Taste it if you can
    September 11, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Well I’m very happy I could bring those happy memories ! Hope you can soon go to Chicago, I’ve never visited this city myself but would love to !
    Taste it if you can recently posted…Raspberry and basil frozen cocktailMy Profile

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