Unprepared For Chicken

There are so many nights that time gets away from me.  I’m a born procrastinator and sometimes it doesn’t matter how much stuff I have in the cupboards or refrigerator, inspiration just doesn’t seem to strike when I need it.  Quick meals are always a good fix (yes, yes, preparing beforehand is good too :-P).  Since CookieCookie is gluten intolerant it is difficult to use pre-prepared or packaged meals.  They are loaded with wheat, flour, modified food starch, or something else that is derived from wheat.  For a while I lost my love for cooking because it was hard to know how to substitute.

I searched the web for gluten free recipes and found a number of blogs with information on gluten free foods.  At first it seemed daunting because there were so many different ingredients necessary to reproduce the taste and texture of wheat products.  Non-wheat flours do not cook or even fry up the same way as wheat flour.  Just to clarify, wheat is not the only thing that has gluten there are subspecies of wheat as well as barley that have gluten which need to be removed from a gluten intolerant person’s diet.

Lately, I feel that my “groove” for cooking is coming back.  I’m learning how to use different flours, nuts, starches, etc. to do the job that wheat used to do so well.  Finding recipes that don’t use wheat in any form is also a god-send.

Unprepared For Chicken. I tried this recipe from Redhead Riter one evening and it came out wonderfully.  It was super easy and came out delicious.  I had some Menudo spice that I used in place of oregano and pepper flakes.  With some Mexican rice and steamed or sauteed broccoli it is a good and complete meal. Thanks Red. :-))

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