My Fridge Smells Like Brassica Farts

My family loves vegetables.  We eat lots of broccoli, corn, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, and salads among other things.  There isn’t a meal that goes by where we don’t have vegetables in some form.  I want my kids to grow up healthy and with a well rounded palate, willing to eat anything.  One veg that is rarely found in our house is brussel sprouts.  My mom didn’t know how to prepare them nor did she like them when she tried so it was not a common staple.  I’ve heard though that prepared well they can be very tasty.

Yesterday we were out and about and had to get a few things at Sam’s Club.  I saw a sack of brussel sprouts in a cooler and decided ‘What the heck! I’m up for a challenge ‘  What I was not prepared for was the smell.  We stopped to have supper at Ruby Tuesday and when we got back in the car it smelled like someone had just eaten a mixing bowl full of raw broccoli or cabbage and decided to relieve the resulting gas pressure in our car +o(.   At the time I had completely forgotten that we had bought brussel sprouts and I thought maybe the girls had spilled something in the car and it had gone rotten or maybe a box we picked up at Sam’s was saturated with the juice of something rotten, but we couldn’t pin down the smell.

On the way home we stopped at Target in the search for new booster seats for the girls and when we got back to the car we were greeted with that smell again and this time it was exponentially stronger.  I was still puzzled because I didn’t think we had bought anything fresh at Sam’s, but DD1 all of a sudden said, “Wait a second, we bought brussel sprouts!”  Sure enough that was what the smell was from.  They were sealed in a plastic bag and then zipped inside a cooler bag and the odor was still horrendous.  Wow, can you imagine what we are going to smell like after we eat them?  YIKES.

I’m still going to try and cook the devil smell out of them and do it soon.  The odor from those little brassica relatives is permeating the house because every time I open the fridge the farty smell wafts out.  Thank goodness I bought some Glade plugins last night.

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