A movie that I could watch over and over is…#boostyourblog

A movie that I could watch over and over is. . . Sabrina with Harrison Ford and The Notebook.  There are many other movies that I thoroughly enjoy, but these two movies are my guilty pleasures.  They are my chick flick favorites.  I think my DH likes them too, but he won’t admit it.  

These movies are enjoyable for me because they are clean, mostly, there isn’t an overuse of profanity, sexuality, drugs or other lasciviousness to tell the story.  It’s there but not overt.  The stories are well done with good actors and are the definition of tear jerkers.  These films are predictable, frustrating, but they are the kind of love story that any woman would be happy to have.

At the end of The Notebook I was a blathering mess.  To finally come to understand that this man loved the woman so much from the start that he literally went to the ends of the earth to do what he could to be with her.  No one and nothing in any generation that passed through his life would remove the love he held for her from his heart.  When the final vestiges of her tattered mortality threatened to take her from him forever he fell asleep in death  with her.  This movie particularly is a guilty, frustrating pleasure for me.

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