Love is Expansive

Love is expansive; it is not something that is confined to one person, place or thing.  If you have children you know exactly what I mean.  When you first fell in love with your significant other you felt there was no way you would ever be love another person as much or as deeply.  

Then something happened.  You had a child.  Though the love you feel for your child is not the same as what you feel for your mate.  You feel a deep affection and obligation toward the little life now in your hands.  What is amazing and incredible every day that passes that you take care of that child your love deepens and your affection for them widens.  

Then you get pregnant with a second child.  You worry and fret thinking you won’t have enough love to go around.  Then the amazing strikes again – you fall in love with your new baby and you don’t feel any less love for your mate or your first child.  No matter how many children you have, how much the work load changes you love them all and the love does not diminish but continues to grow.  

As a mother of two small daughters and the oldest of two siblings it is amazing to me to see how the a’gape type of love goes hand in hand with phi’leo and stor’ge (natural affection felt for members of the same family).   No matter how old we get my parents love continues to grow and evolve as our relationship with them changes.  My dad doesn’t say much but my mom tells me often how much she loves my husband like her own son and how deeply she is in love with my girls.  I even see in my father’s eyes how proud and enamored he is of his granddaughters.  

If you are newly married and planning on having children or awaiting a new child don’t worry about having enough love.  As human beings we were created to allow our love to grow and grow.  One thing we have to work on now is maintaining our love and affection for our mate.  More on that later.

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