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One of my favorite benefits of the ‘cloud’ is that I can share files with Dropbox.  Whether it is from my PC, my phone, or some other device that doesn’t even belong to me I can share files and collaborate on projects.  All of this is for FREE.  The space they give you to share isn’t gigantic but it is enough to sync a few images, some music, video clips, spreadsheets, letters and PDFs of reasonable size.  I even have put some e-books on there so that I could read them wherever I was at the time.  

Sometimes on my home network I have trouble sharing folders.  The process is hit or miss.  My hands are tied also because the PC my daughter uses for school isn’t mine and I’m not supposed to change any security settings on it.  Then it dawned on me today – why not share files with Dropbox?  I have an email address that I use specifically for school related messages so I signed up that address from her PC and downloaded Dropbox.  Now I am able to view any files my daughter uploads to Dropbox, changes she makes to them and if necessary I am able to add any teacher required modifications to headings before I turn them in – without having to go to her PC to do that.

For every person you refer to Dropbox who clicks on your link to open a new account your account receives 500MB up to 16GB total.  Pretty cool!  My favorite part is that I can sync to my SmartPhone as well to share files with Dropbox.  I even have it set up to sync all my new photos to Dropbox as soon as they are taken.  It’s pretty handy because many times I forget to download my pictures and then realize they are all already on my PC through Dropbox.  Then I can just upload the shots I want to use to my blog posts or wherever.  

Sign up to share files with Dropbox today and get 2GB right off the bat!  Its great even if you just want to share between devices.

photo credit: Kinologik via photopin cc

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