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This article discusses the best free WordPress hosting options as well as suggests the solutions to have WordPress blog setup and configured easily.

Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

Over the years I have tried Blogger, and self-hosted WordPress.  In my experience a self-hosted WordPress installation provides the most flexibility and control over my blogging experience than any other.  Customizing my readers experience on the site is possible through the use of the thousands of available plugins and themes – many of them free.  


Using a self-hosted installation as opposed to one on allows me to advertise as I wish, use javascript (essential for Rafflecopter & other giveaway platforms) and even backup and move everything to a new host if I choose.  I’ve actually moved webhosts at least three times since starting my blogs and I’ve even changed the way my WordPress installation works.


I have five self-hosted WordPress blogs.  They all run off one, yes 1, installation of WordPress.  Setting the blogs up in a network allows me to install my plugins and themes only once instead of 5 times if I want to use the same one on each blog.  That takes up a lot of space on a webhost.  There is a central control panel where I can add and remove themes, plugins, users and even blogs.  My current webhost offered installation of WordPress and was very helpful in making sure the network was set up properly.  In this first year I have to say it has worked flawlessly, save human error :).   


Having a self-hosted WordPress installation allows me to use plugins like: CommentLuv, Google Analytics, a meta-tag editor, Adsense, anything that uses javascript and others.  I wouldn’t have that flexibility with options like Blogger or  Truthfully, Blogger and are setup for individuals who hobby blog or want an online forum for their journal entries.  Anyone who wants to make a business out of blogging should probably consider another platform like Squarespace or a self-hosted CMS.  For me WordPress is the best CMS for self-hosting and overall the least expensive when you pair it with a free or low-cost webhost.  

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