Can Cloudflare Make WordPress Sites Load Faster and Perform Better?

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Can Cloudflare make your site load faster, perform better, and fight off spam?

Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

For me the jury is still out on this. I just started using CloudFlare yesterday so I cannot give an in depth review of it’s services and possible caveats.  The reason the CloudFlare service even came into my periphery is because a user of a (not self-hosted installation) was having problems with Rafflecopter and wanted to install Google Analytics.  To their dismay neither would work properly on a blog because javascript is not allowed on their sites.  


In searching for a solution to help my fellow blogger I came across a blog post from CloudFlare.  The writer of the post indicated that they too used for a personal blog since it was just a hobby, but was incredibly frustrated that they could not use Google Analytics on their site.  Through CloudFlares CDN (content delivery network) they are able to serve apps like Google Analytics and others using javascript in a way that does not disturb how or any other site or blog works.  They promise faster load times for  your readers and easy troubleshooting if there every arises a problem.


One feature of the system that really appealed to me is increased security of the domain at the IP level.  Akismet does a fairly good job of keeping out spam comments. To date since I moved servers Akismet has caught thousands of smam comments.  I’m curious to see how much this unwanted traffic is going to drop off.  A few of my fellow bloggers whom I work with on a regular basis promoting their giveaways and participating in blogger events have had sitewide malware attacks.  I’m hoping that using CloudFlare will help make my site less susceptible to that kind of problem.

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