How to Participate in the Blogger Giveaway Event Opportunity


How Can YOU Participate in Blogger Giveaway Events

As I am sure you have noticed I post a lot of “Bloggers Wanted” free blogger giveaway event opportunity posts in addition to live giveaways.  These blogger giveaway event opportunities are typically free to participate in exchange for one social media link – usually Facebook or Twitter.  Since these are blogger participation giveaways you need to have a blog.  There are instances when the blog hosting the giveaway will allow businesses to submit links without a blog, but there is a typically a price associated.  Why?  Well, more than likely a business won’t be posting and promoting the giveaway to their blog thus bringing in traffic to the host, co-hosts and participating blogs.

So you have a blog and you want to participate, what’s next?  In the posts for the blogger giveaway event announcement you will find a link called “Sign Up” or something like that near the bottom of the post.  First, remember that you came from We Are Earthformed and then click on that link.  Read very carefully the terms of your participation – announcement posts, where the code is found, what kind of link you will get in return.  If a blog post announcement is required copy the provided code or follow the link, usually to a Google Doc, and then copy the code and create a new post with it.  Name it Free Blogger Participation or Bloggers Wanted, or the like, plus the event name.  I also like to include the opening date of the event so you know how much time is left for you to get your links.  Once you’ve published your post, copy the URL of the post and paste it into the appropriate field on the signup form.  Also make sure to enter your name (or pen name), blog name, and blog URL as requested.  Choose your social media link as required and carefully read and fill out the rest of the form.  Most of the time if there are things that do not apply, for instance if I am not choosing a co-host spot, I make sure to put n/a in the remaining fields especially the PayPal email address field.  I do this so their is no confusion for the host as to whether or not I’m interested in co-hosting or they will be expecting funds for links or what not.

One thing that is very important to all the hosts and sponsors is that you will be promoting their giveaway.  They expect, most of the time, for their event to be promoted by you on social media networks, blog linkies and giveaway sites at LEAST three (3) times a week.  They make very clear at this point that if you cannot commit to this requirement that you close the page and walk away because it is very frustrating to do all the work of putting together the event and then have a good portion of the participants not promote.


When I started participating in these giveaways just before the end of last year one thing that I found as a struggle was getting organized.  There were so many things to keep up with and look for that they got lost in the thousands of emails I receive every week.  Finally, I made sure to create an email that was just for promotions.  This way I would use that email JUST for giveaway signups and promotional things and created a filter to make sure that all the messages coming into that account were filtered into one label in my Gmail account.  ALSO, as soon as I signed up for a giveaway event I would create a Google Calendar event for 2 days before the event was to go live to remind me to be on the lookout for emails from the host.  In the calendar event I include the Event Name, Live Date, Host Name and from whom I will be receiving instructions.  There will at times be a Facebook group to join that contains all the event data as it becomes available so keep your eye out for that.  All I can say is check your email daily and REMINDERS, REMINDERS, REMINDERS and DON’T ignore them.

My dear blogger friends if you should decide to participate in any of the events promoted on this site let me thank you in advance.  Please, remember to fill in my blog’s name in the referral box on the sign up form – We Are Earthformed.  Good luck and enjoy the traffic that these blogger giveaway event opportunities will bring.

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