All-In-One Skincare with MashK Tri Miracle Square

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”97%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]I received complimentary samples of MashK’s through Sverve. My opinions expressed are based on my experience with the product.[/dropshadowbox]


As I’ve gotten older my face’s skin texture has changed and so have my cleansing needs.  I find I need to exfoliate much more and yet I still have to fight acne.  It’s a very frustrating thing that many women contend with.  Via Sverve I was offered the opportunity to try the Tri Miracle Square from MashK I must say I was skeptical at first how one product could be a scrub, cleanser and a mask at the same time.

I received these 7 varieties in the mail:

  • Apricot Fig Madness – Normal to Dry
  • English Tea Rose – Normal to Dry
  • Honey Melon Cheesecake – Acne Sensitive
  • Lavender Vanilla Tea – Combination
  • Mandarin Vanilla Fig – Normal to Dry
  • Pink Ruby Sorbet – Normal To Dry
  • Triple Lemon Moroccan Mint – Normal to Oily 

The natural oils used to scent the little squares were intense enough that I could smell them through the envelope! That got me excited :). The two I was most interested in trying were the Honey Melon Cheesecake and the Lavender Vanilla Tea. The Honey Melon Cheesecake Tri Mircacle Square is formulated to cleanse sensitive acne prone skin while the Lavender Vanilla Tea is for sensitive oily skin but does well for aging skin. All the squares are imbued with all natural ingredients:

  • Olive Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Abyssinian Oil
  • Green Tea Powder
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Activated Charcoal

If you are into all natural remedies and cleansing you know the value of these ingredients.  Olive oil is a fantastic moisturizer.  Aloe Vera is soothing.  Activated Charcoal is an natural remedy commonly used to treat food poisoning, indigestion, and gas because of it’s ability to absorb toxins.  Think of all the toxins we encounter in our daily lives like smog, smoke, exhaust fumes, dust and our bodies our expulsion of oils there are plenty of things on our face that need to be sucked up and washed away.

From MashK:

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”97%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Founded in late 2011, MashK Inc. was developed to streamline the facial care process. Research and technology helped create the proprietary MashK Tri Miracle Square Collection. A single square offers a natural scrub, healthy mask and exfoliating powers.[/dropshadowbox]

How To Use The Squares

The first time I used the Honey Melon Cheesecake square I was amazed how they were able to incorporate the scrub, cleansing and mask into one product.  First you wet your face. Second,  run warm water over the square to start forming a lather.  Then using the square gently scrub your whole face in a circular motion.  You can feel the exfoliating properties of the square on your face.  After that the lather starts to thicken into a luscious cream that you smooth all over your face and allow to stay in place for 3 to 5 minutes.  During this time you can feel the mask start to tighten up.  With the Triple Lemon Morroccan Mint square you could certainly feel the tingling of the mint on your face during the mask phase.  Last, you rinse the mask off with warm water.  In my experience my pores felt tighter and I could certainly tell that a lot of dead skin had been sloughed off my forehead especially.  Just a note, it won’t get all the dead skin off in one use.  Even in the literature it says that “regular” use of the squares will hasten removal of dead skin cells.

I’m all for keeping things simple and really before this it had been YEARS since I had used a mask on my face.  Now I can use this all-in-one skincare product twice a day if I have the time and only have to wash my face to get a good scrubbing, cleansing and mask.  That’s pretty neat.  My three favorite things about this product are:

  1. All natural
  2. Handmade
  3. Made In the USA

The MashK TriMiracle Square in addition to being a time saver is also an artisanal product.  Each little square is handmade.  To me that says true pride and dedication.  To purchase any one of the 7 varieties of Tri Miracle Squares visit the MashK website.


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