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SmartWool Wool Socks

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Many years ago – almost 20 – my husband bought a pair of wool socks that have been his go to most comfy socks for practically any casual occasion  Yes, he uses them for hiking, going to work, going shopping with me and the girls, etc. We have taken hours looking high and low for those same socks and have not been able to find them anywhere. When we were unable to locate that same brand and style we looked for something similar and hopefully better. That is when we discovered SmartWool. This would be his first new pair of lightweight wool socks that he had had in almost 20 years. He wore them until he wore them out. Literally, he wore them at least three times a week for 2 years, 16 hours a day in shoes and barefoot. Now you may be thinking how did the SmartWool only last 2 years and the other ones have lasted for 20. It’s a matter of construction and usage. The SmartWool socks were much lighter weight, very soft, lightly cushioned and could be worn both with casual and dress clothes. His old socks are mid-weight and designed to withstand much more wear and tear. SmartWool does in fact make socks that are similar he is just afraid to purchase them online because of not being able to feel in person the actual thickness of the socks. He did that once with socks from Cabela’s brand. They are still sitting in his sock drawer unworn. I end up wearing them around the house when my feet are too cold even though they are too big for me.


One of my favorite pairs of socks is a very lightweight pair of SmartWool mid-calf length socks in a cabernet color with little dainty zigzag designs. They are light enough to wear well in the summer with a pair of mary-janes or my slip on shoes that can’t be worn with a thick sock. They stay on my calf well. The feel of the wool blend in the SmartWool socks turned me on to how comfortable wearing wool year round can really be. They wick moisture and they don’t chafe your feet or toes the way sweaty cotton socks can. They don’t slip around or slide down like nylon socks either. They are dressy enough to wear with a nice pair of slacks too which makes their versatility appealing.

Since purchasing these few pairs of SmartWool socks I’m always on the lookout for new styles and great deals. They offer everything from dressy socks to knee-high ski socks padded in all the right places. So whether you are looking for a pair of socks that won’t chafe or that has enough padding to keep your feet comfy on long hikes or cold weather SmartWool is worth a try.


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