Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum #review

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Thanks to Influenster I’ve been given the opportunity to try Fysiko Lashes all natural formula for longer lashes for the next 16 weeks.  I received the tube of Fysiko and started using it on May 13, 2013.  The tube is very small, actually smaller than some mascara tubes.  It didn’t seem possible that it would last for 16 weeks.  When I read the enclosed instructions I was surprised to find that the tube can last from 6 to 8 months!

Why Did I Want To Try Fysiko?

As a 60-something grandmother I have noticed that time has not been kind to my eyelashes.   My mother had incredibly long, thick eyelashes that I envied when I was a teenager.  Forty plus years of almost daily eyelash curling and mascara application along with health issues have adversely affected the length and density of my lashes.  You can see for yourself in the pictures above.

I’ve heard on shows like The View, The Doctors, The Rachel Ray Show and The Talk about other brands of eyelash growth enhancement serums.  The thought of having to get a prescription for something like Latisse was a real turnoff.  As a retiree with no insurance the thought of going to the doctor for something cosmetic was unappealing.  My husband wouldn’t like it much either.   Think about it, first you have a doctors visit THEN the cost of the formula on top of that.  With Fysiko there is no need for a prescription.  It is not exactly what I consider cheap though.  It is $139 per tube direct from the fysikolashes.com website <GULP>.   If used as per directions and it actually lasts 8 months you are really only paying $17 per month.  I’ve spent more on that for foundation and anti-aging creams!

How My First Few Days Went

I started applying on May 13 twice a day.  The first few days I had irritation and itching so I reduced the application to once a day.  I still feel some puckering and tightening but continue to apply once a day.  It is very convenient that the serum is not oily, thick or sticky. It absorbs quickly so I can apply it under my makeup with ease.

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